The 15 Best Museums in Brooklyn, New York.

Street in Brooklyn filled with brownstone houses.

Brooklyn is a Mecca for art lovers.  There is almost no art form that you can think of that cannot be found in this popular New York borough. Everything from upscale galleries to cool and hip street art can be found in Brooklyn. However, what can be more art-oriented than a museum?  So, for all you art enthusiasts, here are some of the best museums in Brooklyn. These are truly Brooklyn’s finest when it comes to the art scene.  The best thing about all these places is that there is something for everybody. Nobody will be left empty-handed in Brooklyn’s art scene.

a gray monster with multiple eyeballs painted as graffiti in Brooklyn
When you are done with visiting museums, you can shift to street art.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

If you are looking for a perfect family place to entertain your little ones for the weekend, look no further. Brooklyn Children’s Museum is the perfect place for kids’ entertainment. This museum will provide endless joy for kids. They offer award-winning exhibitions, live plants, live animals and many other interesting things. Therefore, this will the picture-perfect art establishment for your entire family. This museum might be one of the best museums in Brooklyn for children.

Old Stone House

This is a perfect place for those that value art and history. Old Stone House is located in Washington Park and has a very interesting past. In 1776, during the American Revolutionary War, this house played a significant role in the Battle of Long Island. So, if you want to soak in a little culture and history at the same time, you know where to go.

Brooklyn Historical Society

This art establishment is very special because it isn’t only a museum, but also a library and an educational center. This very impressive center of art was established in 1863. Experiencing art online is great, but if you need something to contain your art cravings, this is the place you should visit.

Coney Island USA – Museum & Freak Show

This is certainly not your typical art place. You can enjoy cool and trendy art while drinking a cold beer. Now that is a brilliant twist! One of the most popular performances is the burlesque show. Stop browsing your favorite history or art blog and go enjoy the real thing. One of the best museums in Brooklyn should certainly motivate you to get off your favorite couch.

Jewish Children’s Museum

Next to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, this is another great place for your kids. The best part about visiting this museum is that kids can gather knowledge about the Jewish faith and have an interactive experience. So, your kids can have an educational but also fun day. Sounds like a parent’s dream.

Weeksville Heritage Center

This museum represents the African American communities in Weeksville and tells an emotional story about their past. Thus, if you like history, this can be a great way to spend a weekend afternoon. By using contemporary methods, this special place teaches all visitors and gives them a more profound look into American history.

MOFAD – Museum of Food and Drink

What is the first thing you want to experience when you travel somewhere? You want to try local foods and drinks. That is no surprise since food is a big part of many different cultures. Consequently, it makes sense that food deserves a museum. This place is heaven for foodies and curious eaters. Tingle your taste buds through your imagination just by visiting this unique art institution.

Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92

This place might not be a museum, but it sure deserves to be on this list because of its spectacular mission. Actually, this institution is known as an industrial park. In the past, this was one of the best shipbuilding institutions in the world. Today, the purpose of this institution is not the same, but the goal is equally impressive. The Yard is dedicated to technological advancements. As you can guess, this establishment will stay at this particular location as long as it is in business, because no other art facility can support the mechanical power that is dedicated to this project. This move wouldn’t be like relocating a smaller gallery.

Bonsai Museum

Bonsai museums are popular all over the world, so it’s only natural that there is one in New York as well. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden mothers this very prestigious collection of bonsai. Some of the displayed gifts of nature have remained in their original containers. As if they weren’t interesting enough, some of the bonsais are more then a century old. It truly is an art event that you shouldn’t miss out on. This is the only museum in our prestigious group of best museums in Brooklyn that focuses on Japanese culture and its vegetation. In the end, when you visit these miraculous plants, you will realize that the real thing is much more impressive than looking into fine galleries online.

New York Transit Museum

New York’s traffic is known all over the world. In every other Hollywood movie, you can see the packed streets of the Big Apple. Thus, it is very fitting that we have a transit museum. This museum represents the entire history of public transportation in New York. If you are curious to see what public transportation used to look like, this unique museum will give you great insight.


This fine institution uses performance and visual arts to represent issues linked to the African Diaspora. Also, it shows and represents the evolution of culture, from its roots all the way to our present times.

Brooklyn Museum

For this art monument, I would be convinced to move to Brooklyn. This museum is inspiring! Also, it truly brings out the essence of Brooklyn. For those that feel the same, use boxes to pack your wardrobe for the move, hire professionals to help you move and start your life in BK. Visiting museums like the Brooklyn Museum is life-changing and eye-opening.

Front entrance of Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Museum is one of the most popular art institutions in New York.

Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum

This is literally an oldy but a goody. This museum represents one of the oldest buildings in New York. Another beautiful fact about this house is that it is surrounded by almost two acres of beautiful parkland. If what we’ve mentioned interests you, come and enjoy one of the many programs that this place has to offer.

The City Reliquary

This nonprofit museum has a spectacular location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This is a great place for tourists to connect to New York’s past as well as its present.

building and Brooklyn bridge street view.
Williamsburg. Brooklyn, the home of The City Reliquary.

Last but not least of our best Museums in Brooklyn is the:

Waterfront Museum

We cannot complete our list of the best museums in Brooklyn without mentioning the Waterfront. This institution is dedicated to performance arts, exhibition and inexpensive opportunities for education. You can even enjoy an open boat tour when you visit this beautiful place.

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