How To Relocate Your Art Gallery Like A Pro

move/relocate your art gallery like a pro

So, you are moving to a new place. You are very excited about it, but you also feel a bit worried. The reason for this is your art gallery. You are not sure how to relocate it safely to a new destination. Being an art lover, you want to relocate your art gallery like a pro. You cannot bear damaging your works of art in any way. But, there is no need to panic. We are here to help you with this. Therefore, stop worrying and read our tips on how to relocate your precious works of art in the best way possible.

Be aware of the fragility of your art gallery

Let’s start at the very beginning. In order to relocate your art gallery safely to your new place, you have to be aware of its fragility. Many works of art can be damaged easily. For example, they can break, tear, get dirty, lose some parts among other things. You do not want any of these to happen, right? The best thing you can do is to be extremely careful when relocating your works of art. Keep them away while smoking and eating, to avoid stains at any cost. Also, keep them far away from your cosmetic products.

Pack your art gallery the right way

Before transporting your art gallery, you must pack it properly first. You want to be sure it will not break, tear, or get damaged in some other way during your relocation. Wrapping your works of art in plastic will keep them clean. Also, it is smart to provide more layers of plastic bubbles, for it is excellent for protection.

Put your paintings in boxes

After they are wrapped in the right way, you should put them in appropriate boxes. You have to provide individual boxes for all of your paintings in order to avoid their damaging during the relocation process. Each of these boxes must be a close-fitting cardboard box. Also, you must fill the empty spaces with plastic bubbles. In the end, just seal the boxes with a tape.

The Mona Lisa
Pack your paintings in appropriate boxes for their relocation

 Transport your art gallery with care

In order to relocate your paintings safely, you must put them in the right position in your vehicle and drive carefully. Also, it will be of great help if you put other objects around your works of art for protection. The best solutions are additional blankets, pillows, and other soft objects. In this way, your paintings, sculptures, and other valuables will be safe if you have to stop suddenly.

Get rid of unwanted items before you relocate your art gallery

The best way to provide more space for your valuables is to get rid of all the things you do not need anymore. It is the perfect moment to say goodbye to your old furniture which is wasting much of your space. Also, get rid of your old clothes, newspapers, and all the other stuff which can attract rats in your new place.

Hire fine art movers for relocating your art gallery

If you want to spare yourself all the bothering, the perfect solution for you is to let art handlers transport your collection. These professionals will think of absolutely everything because it is their job. They will provide the best packing materials and everything else that you need. You do not have to pack anything yourself. Leave it to them. After all, they are the best at it.

A truck driving to relocate your art gallery.
 Hire art movers to transport your art gallery

Insure your art gallery against damage

If your works of art are of great value, it will be a good idea to ask your fine art movers about some additional insurance. Make no mistake, this step is of great importance since your art gallery cannot be replaced in any way if it gets damaged.

Keep your works of art away from the sun

It is crucial to cover your paintings with an appropriate cloth since their colors can easily fade if the sun is strong. Pay special attention to this if your relocation takes place during the summer days. It is recommended that you put your paintings in their special boxes, for this is also the best protection against direct sunlight.

Do not leave your art gallery in dry or damp places

Never store your paintings and other works of art in basements or attics. It can be a very bad idea because of both inappropriate temperature and mice or rats. Instead, choose a clean place with an appropriate temperature. That is how you can spare yourself the worries about moisture and rodents and prevent your valuables from damaging.

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Never put your paintings on top of each other

If you store your paintings on top of each other while you relocate your art gallery, they can damage easily. Therefore, make sure to avoid this and to arrange them in a more appropriate way to be sure that they will be perfectly fine.

Be careful when relocating larger sculptures

If you happen to own larger sculptures, you have to be extra careful when transporting them. The first thing you should do is measure them. Secondly, provide the proper boxes for their transport and do not forget to fill empty spaces with plastic bubbles to keep them safe. Also it is very important to notice that each sculpture has to have its own box. If you pack your sculptures properly, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Marta Klonowska's recycled glass sculpture: the rabit
 Be extra careful when relocating your sculptures – Pictured: Marta Klonowska’s Rabit made from recycled glass

Try to save on shipping costs when relocating your art gallery

You can easily save on your shipping costs if you transport rolled up works of art. Later when you arrive at your new destination you can give them to a framer. In this manner, you will not have to think about breaking the glass or damaging the frame during your move.

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