Guide to Museums and Art Galleries in New Jersey

An art exhibition in New Jersey

Living in New Jersey can and will be exciting. There are just so many things to do and see. However, before you pack your suitcases and start your engine – here are some of the best museums and art galleries in New Jersey that you shouldn’t miss this year!

Art museums in NJ

New Jersey is a state with a complex history, and it is no surprise it has so many art museums. Its population is diverse and fascinating. And when it comes to its art scene – things are no different.

A woman looking at some art
Plan your visit and enjoy the experience

Bergen Museum of Arts and Science

The original museum was opened on a Fort Lee Road in Teaneck; however, in ’69, the Bergen Museum of Arts and Science moved to its new location – East Ridgewood and Fairview Avenue in Paramus. Today, the museum is temporarily located in cyberspace and is currently undergoing reorganization and looking for a new building able to contain its entire collection. The initial purpose the founding board had for this center was to stimulate youth and adult interest in arts and science, and this spectacular museum still does that exact same thing to this day.

Montclair Art Museum

The Montclair Art Museum is recognized as the leading American art center and school. Its distinctive exhibitions inspire diversity, creativity, and forward-thinking. This institution inspires people of all ages, no matter their background.

New Jersey State Museum

The New Jersey State Museum collects, preserves, and exhibits items that document the lives of people who have lived in New Jersey from the 17th century to the present. Its collection identifies New Jersey’s cultural, economic, and social history, as well as aspects of its decorative arts. Because of its cultural, scientific, and educational engagements, this center serves as a cultivator of future generations through engaging with visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

Art galleries in NJ

And if museums aren’t really your cup of tea, you can always spend some time exploring NJ’s art galleries. There are many of them, and we are sure you will find at least a few of them that you’ll enjoy. Here are our top picks:

Barsky Gallery

Barsky Gallery is a privately-owned art gallery that is committed to providing attention for collectors and artists at the same time. Here, you will always find a great selection of contemporary art on display. This gallery is proud to showcase NJ’s talented artists and their pieces of art. Barsky Gallery also provides its clients with a variety of services, such as home and office art installation, consultations, art sourcing, artwork commissioning, and customized framing.

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We all know how important the safety of your art piece or collection is, and that is why art moving should be handled by professionals. So –if you are looking to upgrade your collection, you are in the right place!

a private black and white art collection
Private collections are usually smaller, but they might surprise you

The Center for Contemporary Art

The Center for Contemporary Art (also known as The Center) is a non-profit organization with one mission in mind – to provide vibrant art experience through education, exhibitions, and community outreach to all its neighbors. This establishment is driven by a passion for deepening, diversifying and broadening its audience’s interest in arts. The Center welcomes everyone – inspired students, teachers, artists, and enthusiasts. If you are looking for an opportunity to experience contemporary art in a new way, you should definitely visit this institution that we are sure you’ll love.

Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (“WheatonArts”)

This center was founded in 1968, as a non-profit organization with a simple mission to engage the audience with the artist. WheatonArt’s educational and diverse cultural programs took this initiative to a whole other level over the last four decades, which led to its regional, national and international recognition.

Eilandarts Center

Eilandarts Center offers classes and events for audiences of all ages and senses. It encourages exploration of all art forms.
Guide to Visiting an Art Museum for beginners

Useful tips and hints are always welcome. And things are no different once you start planning a trip to New Jersey’s museums and art galleries. Here are the tips that will help you better organize your visits:

  • Most museums and art galleries in New Jersey have their own café shops and restaurants, although they tend to be pricy. However, having them in close proximity to exhibitions you’d like to explore is always a plus, since bringing food and drink to them isn’t an option.
  • Always pay attention to the signs while visiting NJ’s museums and art galleries. Most of them have the same rules, however, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • In most cases, photography and filming are allowed, but some of the museums and art galleries don’t allow the use of flash photography or it may be limited to personal use.
  • Make a plan and visit every center’s website in order to learn more about its collection. This way you will know how to organize your time.
  • Avoid visiting art centers during school holidays in order to avoid rush hours.
  • Another thing you can do in order to avoid crowds is visiting museums and art galleries in NJ as soon as they open.
  • If you are coming from another city, think about your luggage in advance. Some of these facilities might not have places to store large and bulky items.
Plan your time wisely

Plan, prepare and organize your art center exploration and you will enjoy it, for sure. And if you decide to move to New Jersey one day, and need some assistance moving your personal art collection, make sure to contact professionals such as to ensure your belongings’ safety.

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